Yaki (Macaca nigra)

Common names: Sulawesi black macaque, crested black macaque, yaki, monyet hitam Sulawesi

Yaki (Macaca nigra) is one of 20 species of primates from the Family Cercopithecidae and the genusMacaca. They are endemic to North Sulawesi but also can be found on Bacan Island. Once misnamed the “Celebes black ape”, this species is all black (both fur and skin) with almost no visible tail. Long hairs form a pointed crest on the head. Average head and body length ranges between 44.5-55 cm for adult females and 52-57 cm for adult males. As a result of ongoing habitat loss and hunting, the Macaca nigra population continues to decline. This species, along with the six other macaque species found on Sulawesi, are listed as appendix 1 species in CITES. Photo was taken by Entang Iskandar.

disadur dari : Jurnal Primatologi Indonesia (Volume 3, Nomor 1, Juni 2010)

source : http://primata.ipb.ac.id